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Workability is a health care company committed to giving all South Africans with Musculoskeletal conditions, access to affordable, effective and reputable rehabilitation.


In order to deliver on this, Workability has a growing national network of independently owned, rehabilitation practices which actively address all barriers that prevent or impede patients with Musculoskeletal conditions from getting back to work and life.


Workability uses its case management platform and medical aid products to manage the quality and cost effectiveness of care and to grow the Workability network.



Our Workability Back and Neck Assistance Program (BNAP), targeted at medical funders, has been designed to strategically manage high risk back and neck cases that often end up in surgery.


Through early intervention, this program reduces the incidence of radiology, hospitalisation, back and neck surgery, repeat surgery as well as long term reduction in costs associated with back and neck pain such as the use of analgesics and opiates.


As a result of the benefits and cost savings this program is offered for FREE to the patients by certain Medical Aids as the funds come out of the risk portion of their medical aid fund and not out of the day to day benefits.

The Work Rehabilitation Assistance Program (WRAP) is an active rehabilitation program for patients who have sustained an injury at work, with the aim of getting them back to work and life in the shortest time possible.


The WRAP program is driven by physio and occupational therapists who are Injury on Duty (IOD) specialists and are equipped to assess a patient's injury as well as understand the impact on their ability to work and / or cope at home.


The program takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to pain and provides individualised treatment to patients. The cost of this program is FREE to patients who are employed and their employers are registered with Workman’s Compensation.

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New Accreditation

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New Accreditation
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New Accreditation